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This once grand building was originally built as a family home and it remained a family home for over a hundred years. 

Like many grand homes during WWI it was requsistioned by the military and became a home for injured servicemen return from the war. After the war the house was returned to the owners.

The house was eventually gifted to an organization which cared for orphaned children. With its many rooms spread over several floors it had the capacity to home up 60 children and staff. 

Once more with the outbreak of WWII the orphanage was again commissioned as a hospital and the children were evacuated. At the end of the war the children returned and it remained an orphanage until the 1990's.

The house is now privately owned and some renovation work has been done but work has now halted. 

We conducted our investigation of the orphanage in December 2014.     

Carrying out the investigation was Becky K, myself Lorraine and first timer Simon.

 We had read many stories that claimed there was paranormal activity at the location so we decided we would find out for ourselves. To our knowledge we are the only group who have carried out an investigation at this location.

 We arrived at around 10pm and started setting up the equipment. The location is big so we decided to base this investigation on the ground floor and one wing of the building.

 The wing we were going to investigate has a large staircase which leads up to two rooms on the first floor. We decided to set up a camera on a tripod at the foot of the stairs while we carried out an investigation of the ground floor.

 We start our investigation in one of the largest rooms in the house which we decided to call the ballroom. The room has wooden panels on all four walls and a grand marble fireplace. This room in particular is in a fairly bad state of repair. We spread out around the room and started to call out. 


After a while of getting no response we decided to move to another room.

 We were now in a smaller room which was empty with nothing but an ornate fireplace with a large mirror above it. Again we spread out around the room and started to call out. At first we got no response then we heard what sounded like footsteps coming from outside the room we were in. We stood quietly listening but we got nothing more, so we decided to move on.

We tried a few more rooms on the ground floor but everything seemed calm and peaceful. After a while we thought  we would head back to the large staircase. The camera was still rolling at the bottom of the stairs and it still had       20 mins left in the tape and over an hour left on the battery.

 We decided we would head up the stairs and sit on the landing and try calling out there. 

We sat down and were getting ready to carry on the investigation when we heard the sound that the record button makes when it’s pressed, from the camera at the bottom of the stairs. 


As this happened we started hearing noises coming from the hallway leading to the stairs. We all stopped and listened and the sounds seemed to be getting closer every time we heard them. Becky was ready to get up and run as she was first in the queue at the top the stairs! Just then the camera at the bottom of the stairs sounded to indicate that it had switched itself off. I had only checked it before we made our way up the stairs and there was plenty of battery and tape.

 As we were leaning up against the wooden panels of the wall leading to the adjacent room, there was a bang from inside the room. Simon, it being his first time, was quite startled especially as he was nearest the door to that room. When we heard the bang I felt the thud on my back as I was leaning against the wall to this room. The atmosphere seemed to have totally changed now and we were constantly hearing faint bangs and taps. We asked if they could make them louder so we knew it was definitely them and we did hear taps in response. It went quiet for a little while and then we heard what sounded like something being dragged. We also heard what sounded like someone running along the part of the landing next to us. Eventually everything calmed down and the atmosphere changed again and it felt peaceful.

 It was getting late and we still had only covered the ground floor and one wing of the building, but we had to call it a night.

 When we got back I checked the camera that had been at the bottom of the stairs, and it still had 14 minutes remaining on the tape and 38 minutes on the battery. I checked the equipment and there was no problem with the camera or the tape to warrant it to have stopped when it did.


We hope to return soon to continue our investigation.


To be continued............


In this video we are stood in the ball room calling out.

The clip is from Becky's camera and she was stood at the far end of the ballroom. Simon and myself were stood at the opposite end of the room and you can here me calling out. Nothing was picked up on my camera so whatever it was, was over on Becky's side of the room. 



In this clip were are sat on the first floor landing and we heard a knocking sound. We had been calling out asking for a sound to be made and this happened about a minute after we had asked. 


In this clip we have amplified the volume.

Again we are are on the first floor landing and we were hearing continual noises and what sounded like footsteps.



We have amplified the volume in this clip

Sat on the landing we kept hearing the sound of footsteps and dragging. The sounds seemed to be getting closer every time we heard them and in this clip the noises seemed to be right next to us.



In this clip you first see us sat on the first floor landing and we hear what we think sounds like talking or muttering, but nothing was picked up on our cameras. 

The second part of the clip was taken from the voice recorder at the bottom of the stairs. It was captured at exactly the same time as the first clip



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