St Crispin's psychiatric hospital in Northamptonshire opened in 1876 and was originally known as the Berrywood Asylum. The new hospital was built to take the place of the former Northampton General Asylum, which was a public subscription asylum located to the east of Northampton. Like many asylums of the day Berrywood was self sufficient with its own gas works, a large farm complex and it even had its own graveyard. There was also housing on site for the staff which included accommodation for the superintendent, head gardener, farm bailiff, chaplain and steward as well as the staff of the hospital.  

 The main asylum was erected as a variation of the corridor-pavilion plan. There were two patients blocks which were on either side of the central services and hall. The only access between these buildings was by single storey corridors on the lower levels, and open metal walkways on the upper levels. In 1884 work started to expanded the site which included a block for female epileptic patients, a new block for 'idiot and imbecile' children and an isolation hospital. It also included a new stable block and a fire station as well as a mortuary and stone chapel. The new additions took over three years to build and were completed in 1887. 

 During the first World War the hospital was turned over to the military and the patients were moved to other nearby asylums. It was used extensively during this time, for recovering service personnel injured in the line of duty. The asylum was handed back after the war and it was home once again to mental patients. By 1930 the asylum changed its name to St Crispin's and was no longer known as an asylum, but a mental hospital. The site was further expanded when new nurses accommodation, a new admissions hospital and many other buildings were added. After WWII the hospital was passed over to the newly formed National Health Service and it was now at its most populated. More expansion work was need and the hospital site grew once again.  

 Tragedy struck the hospital when a fire broke out in Schuster Ward and six patients were killed. 

Like many mental hospitals of its kind St Crispin's closed in 1995 when the changes to the Mental Health Act took effect. Since its closure much of the  site has been developed including a new psychiatric hospital, a large retirement village, a primary school and lots of new housing. There is still a large part of the derelict hospital standing amongst the new buildings waiting to be developed or demolished. In August 2014 a fire broke out in one of the large derelict buildings and 70 firefighters fought through the night to bring the blaze under control. This was the second fire in four days which occurred at the derelict site.  


We conducted our investigation of St Crispin's Asylum in June 2016. 

Present at the investigation were Lorraine and myself, Becky K, and we were joined by two new members of the 

 team, Cameron and Jack. 

Although the majority of the old asylum has now been demolished or converted into new housing there was still a small part of the hospital standing in a derelict state. 

We made our way into the building and soon realised just how derelict the remaining parts were. The walls were back to bare brick and some of the floors were no longer there. There were no doors or windows, just big gaping holes where they once were and although we were able to climb the stairs that was as far as we could go. Unfortunately what was left of the upper level floors were in too much of a dangerous state for us to walk on. 


We found a room to start the investigation and began calling out. We immediately got activity on the KII meter, with the lights going right up to red as we asked questions. Lorraine was calling out, and I was filming the KII meter. I soon noticed that the activity we were picking up seemed to coincide with the questions Lorraine was asking. It seemed that someone or something was responding through the KII meter.  

We had heard a few unexplained noises which we weren't sure about, so Lorraine asked that if someone was there with us could they please make a sound. The KII meter went off straight away, with all the lights flashing up to red. This happened again when she asked if they could say their name. She then asked if they had been a patient at the hospital, and again all the lights on the meter lit up. When Lorraine asked if they had worked at the hospital the lights immediately stopped flashing, just as they did in between the questions. 

Soon after noticing this pattern I mentioned it to the others. We decided to ask more questions, and asked for them to come towards the KII meter if the answer was yes.  

To clarify my suspicion, and now that I had made the rest of the group aware of it, we asked some of the same questions again. "Were you a patient here?" we asked, and the KII meter lit up as before. We then asked if they died here and the meter responded again. To further make sure that the meter was not going of randomly, we asked for them to step away if they did not die here and the meter stopped. 

By using this method of asking them to step toward the KII meter if the answer was yes and away from it if the answer was no, we seemed to establish that we had made contact with a male patient who died at the hospital. Lorraine tried to find out his name by going through the alphabet and the KII meter responded at the letter C. After trying a few male names beginning with C, it responded at the name Craig.  

It is worth mentioning that although we have picked up activity on the KII meter at other locations, we had never seen it responding to our questions in this way. Also it has been very rare for all of the lights to come on as much as they did here, right up to red, and stay on as long as they did. I really felt like 'Craig' was trying to tell us something more. 

At this point Cameron asked if someone was there was us, did they want to harm us. The KII meter instantly went off, all the lights flashing like mad. Lorraine asked again, and got the same response. She then asked if they wanted to be our friend and the meter stopped dead. “So, just to be clear”, she continued, “Do you want to harm us?” Once again, all the lights lit up and flashed. “Do you want to be our friend?” Nothing. Lorraine then asked “You do know you can't harm us, don't you?” There was no response, which was quite unsettling as it seemed that no response meant “no”. 

We continued to call out for a while, asking whoever was there with us if they could please try and make a sound, then we decided to move to another part of the hospital. We made our way downstairs to what seemed like a basement with a very low ceiling.  



Every now and again we asked if 'Craig' was still with us, and every time we asked the KII meter lit up. The atmosphere downstairs did not feel nice and although you would expect the basement of a derelict building in the middle of the night to be cold, Lorraine came over very hot and started to feel sick. We called out for a little while down there but we all began to feel uneasy and I felt like I couldn't breathe properly. Lorraine said she felt like her chest was being pushed in, like she wasn't getting enough air, and both the boys also agreed that the air felt very oppressive and it was hard to breathe. Things then got a little strange. Lorraine became very agitated and quite angry, to the point that she was hitting her camera and didn't seem to care if it broke. This is VERY unlike her and worrying for the rest of the team as it was so unusual. She made it clear that she didn't feel well and needed to get back upstairs, so we made our way back up hoping that she would feel better. She cooled off a little when we got back upstairs, but still felt hot and sick and she just was not herself. Whatever was affecting her seemed pretty powerful as I have never seen her like that before. We asked whoever was there with us if they were making her feel that way and the KII meter lit up again.  I couldn't help but wonder if “Craig” was trying to show that he could in fact harm us, or at least make us feel very ill and negative. 

By this point Lorraine had removed her coat, almost throwing the equipment out of the way with no regard, and still felt hot and sick. We decided to go outside for some air, and as soon as we left the building she felt instantly better. Her voice even changed from angry and agitated, back to Lorraine again. That sounds odd but is the only way I can describe it.  



Once Lorraine felt better and seemed to be herself again, we made our way back into the building and upstairs this time. Once back inside she did feel hot and queasy again, but not as bad as before so we continued to call out and ask for a sound to be made. We heard what sounded like a few taps and bangs, and even a whistle or screech from inside the building. The 2 boys made their way up the next set of stairs, but this was where  the floors were too dangerous to walk on so they headed back down. Whilst they were up there, Lorraine and I both saw a bright orange light on the wall in a small room near where we stood. At first we wondered if it could be the boys torches reflecting off of something and bouncing through a hole in the floor, but their torches had white lights so this didn't make sense. 

We were still getting some activity on the KII meter, but less than we had downstairs. After calling out for a while we started to make our way back down. Whilst walking down the stairs Lorraine heard what she thought was a mumble followed by a breath on the stairs behind her. Unfortunately we were all moving so nothing distinguishable was picked up on the cameras or voice recorder. 

Things had seemed to calm down once we were back downstairs and the KII meter had stopped lighting up, so we decided to call it a night. Lorraine commented how horrible the place felt and what a relief it was to be outside.  I can honestly say that was the most unwelcome I have felt of all the places we have investigated, and it was like a weight lifting off my chest as we walked away from the building. 

We noticed while calling out during the investigation that the KII meter seemed to be responding to our questions. 

This video contains clips of the KII meter activity we experienced during the night. 


We had just started calling out in the derelict hospital and right before we started speaking a strange horn sound was picked up on the camera but was not heard by us at the time. 

We continued calling out and we heard a faint knock coming from the adjacent room. 

In this clip we are moving onto another part of the asylum and as we were making our way into another room the camera pick up a faint whistle sound. This was not heard by any of us however the sound was repeated but this time it seemed to be right next to the camera. It was much louder than the first one and was heard by Becky who was filming. 

Here we are calling out again and the camera picked up a strange gulping sound followed by a very faint muttering voice


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