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  We decided to return to West Park because two of the team had missed the first visit, we thought that it was worth another investigation.

See our first investigation of the asylum

 This time it was Helen, Richard, Rachael and myself Lorraine.

We arrived at about 11pm and made our way into the main part of the hospital. We decide we wanted to go straight to the padded cell area to do our first investigation. As we had been there before we pretty much knew the way back there. So we started walking through the walkways to get there. As we turned out onto another walkway we could see a torch light at the bottom. After a few seconds we could hear that it was a group of people. It was actually two groups of people who had met up inside the hospital. One group were there for the urban exploring but the other group were there for the same reason as us. We chatted to them for a while and we then moved on to the block with the ward with the padded cell.


You have to walk through several wards and up and down several flights of stairs to reach the ward with the padded cell. As we were walking through we came to a hallway which had a table and chairs there. We decided that this might be a good place to do an investigation.

There were little rooms coming off the hallway. And at one end was the stairway and the other end led onto a bigger ward. We sat down and started calling out. Nothing happened at first but we carried on calling out.


While we were calling out Rachael and Richard heard two knocks coming from the bigger ward. I did not hear them and they were not picked up on camera. The next thing we heard was what sounded like dripping water coming from the corner of the room. We put the lights into the corner to see if we could see if the roof was leaking or there was any dripping water but there was nothing. The sound stopped after a few seconds. We did hear this sound a few times more but it was to faint to be picked up by the camera or voice recorder.

We continued calling out and we did hear a faint knock which was picked up on camera. But other than that we didn’t really get much else. So we decided to carry on to the padded cell.

We got to the cell and we sat down and started our investigation. We started calling out and we got a very faint knock. So I asked if they could make a sound near to us and louder, and if they could make the sound inside the cell with us. It was then we got a pretty loud bang in response. We could not tell exactly where the sound had come from but it was close. We were really pleased with this and after a few more minutes we decided to call it a day.

West Park is an amazing place and also a massive place. It is so big it would take forever to investigate all of it. But unfortunately the place wont be around forever. We may return again one day to try again.


We are in the padded cell and after calling out you can hear a very faint knock towards the end of the clip.



This clip is again in the padded cell.

We ask if they want us to leave to make a sound. There is a loud knock which can be heard.


 More photos of West Park





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