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  We visited Wardour in April 2011

Wayne and myself Lorraine decided on the spur of the moment to take a trip to the castle. We had investigated Wardour plenty of times before but not recently and not with all the equipment.

When we got there we decided to start upstairs. We stood in the main hall and called out but got nothing. After a while we moved on to the great chamber and stood for a while listening to the sounds around us and decided to call out. We again got nothing and we decided to move through to the chapel. As we stood between the doorway to the main hall and the chapel I heard what sounded like footsteps coming from the great chamber. Wayne did not hear them but I was sure that it was footsteps that I had heard.

We then made our way into the kitchen and just off of the kitchen is a small staircase which takes you up into a small room which overlooks the hall. We made our way up the stairs and decided to sit there for a while and call out. We heard nothing at first but after a while we could hear a humming sound which seemed to be coming from the level below. We sat there for about half an hour and with nothing but the humming we decided to move on.

As we came back down into the service room we heard a small knock but it was very faint. We decided to stand there for a while and listen to see if we could hear it again but we did not hear anything.


We then went back out into the hall and started to call out again asking for them to make a sound. I was filming round the room while Wayne called out and heard what sounded like a groaning sound. As I turned round with the camera in the direction of the sound I heard a pinging sound coming from the Newel staircase, and this was caught on camera. Other than that we had no more activity in the hall so decided to go to the ground floor.


Walking around the ground floor we decided the best place to investigate was in the Antechamber so we went in and started calling out. Straight away we heard a rattling sound which was picked up on camera and voice recorder. Continuing to call out we heard several knocks and bangs which sounded like they were coming from different places in the castle.

Wayne started calling out using some of the names of the previous owners. He called for Lord Arundell and immediately there was a sound which we picked up on camera.

It then went quiet for a while and we decided to sit down and just listen.  After about ten minutes we were just sat there and something was thrown into the room by us. The sound of it was picked up on camera but unfortunately the camera was facing the other way at the time. We did not know what was thrown into the room but there was definitely something.

We decided to call it a night and started packing up our equipment, and as we did there was massive bang which seemed to be coming from the upper levels of the castle. It was if something really big and heavy was dropped on to one of the floors and it reverberated around the whole of the castle. Unfortunately as we were packing up this was not caught on camera. 

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In this clip we were stood in the main hall calling out. I first hear what sounded like a groaning sound coming from the area of the Newel staircase. 

I turned round to film the stairway and a faint ping sound could be heard.

Unfortunately the groan was not picked up on camera but the pinging sound was.


Here we have just walked into the Antechamber and a really faint rattling sound was heard by both of us. Although the sound can hardly be heard on the camera it was also picked up on the voice recorder. 

I have replayed and amplified the sound in this clip and it could almost sound like drumming. 


This sound was caught on the voice recorder in the Antechamber after myself and Wayne had heard a knock. Wayne had just asked if Lord Arundell was present with us. 

The knock can not be heard on the voice recorder but when Wayne asks for Lord Arundell to show himself we picked up a strange sound. 

Not sure what this sound was but have replayed it in this clip so you can hear it for yourselves.


We are sat in the Antechamber here and had put the voice recorder on the stairs by the gate in front of us.

I was asking if anybody could use their voice to speak into it. As I say the words "you don't need" something hits the ground to our left. We do not know what it was, we had a look but there were a few loose stones on the floor. 






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