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RAF West Raynham was built in 1938. This aerodrome was an expansion scheme airfield located near Fakerham by the village of West Raynham.

It was used from World War II until 1994.

The site has now been sold to a developer and work has started to transform the site into new housing.

RAF West Raynham is a massive site with lots of individual buildings and hangers. It would be impossible to cover the whole site in a couple of days let alone in just one night. We only had one night to cover as much as we could, so we only managed to cover two of the buildings but they didn’t disappoint.

We visited Raynham in June 2010 myself-Lorraine, Mike and Wayne.

We had only remembered to bring one static camera with us and this had appeared to stop working. It had no power going to it although I had charged the batteries before we had left. Hence we could not take any pictures while we were in there. We tried the camera again later in the evening and it decided to work so we managed to take a few photos towards the end of our investigation.

The first building we investigated was what used to be the officers mess. We had heard that this building is reported to be haunted by a Polish pilot who had been shot down in World War II. We entered the building into the kitchen area. There was nothing left in the room, only the big extractor hoods and ducting.

We started to call out in the kitchen and we didn’t get anything at first. Then we heard a massive bang coming from upstairs. We decided to head up the stairs to investigate the banging sound. We climbed up the stairs up to the first floor. As we were going up myself and Mike heard what sounded like footsteps coming from up the stairs behind us. We turned to look but there was nothing there. We continued up the stairs into a big open room. It seemed to have been a big hall of some type, possibly the dining hall. As soon as we had entered the room we all felt like this was going to be a good night!

We started to call out and almost immediately we started hearing strange noises. The place did not have a nice feeling, it felt somewhat oppressive. But we were just excited about what we were hearing. We could hear bangs now coming from downstairs and we could also hear a faint whistling sound.


Wayne called out and asked if they could copy him and he whistled, and almost immediately we heard a whistle back. We continued to ask for whistling and we got lots of different types of whistling back.

Wayne then asked if there was any airmen or women present with us and if there was could they let us know. He asked if they wanted us to leave as we were only civilians. He asked them if they wanted us to leave they should knock twice for yes and once for no.

Then straight away we heard two clear knocks. We then asked if they could do anything else for us. Then almost straight away we heard a massive bang which came from just round the corner from us.

We walked round to where we thought the bang had come from but could not see what had made the sound. We asked if they could make the sound again and almost instantly it came again.

Myself and Wayne had been facing the other way but Mike had noticed a window slowly open then slam shut. Myself and Wayne then turned the cameras onto the window and asked if they could do it again one more time. At first nothing happened but we did hear a strange noise coming from downstairs. As we were discussing the noise the window slowly opened and this time we caught it on camera.

I asked then if they could close it again for us. And we all witnessed the window slowly close. This we thought was totally amazing! After about fourty minutes we decided to move out of that room and out on to the stairway.

There was a small room at the top of the stairway which Wayne decided to investigate on his own along with a camcorder, while Mike and myself stayed at the top of the stairway filming and investigating from there.The room strangely had what appeared to be a rope noose hanging from the ceiling which was very surreal.

While Wayne was investigating the small room, myself and Mike heard noises almost like footsteps coming up the stairs.

Wayne came out from the room and joined us on the stairs where we all called out and again heard banging sounds. This we caught on camera.

We then decided to investigate in the control tower. This was on the other side of the airfield so we had a bit of a walk.

Although the tower was fascinating we didn’t hear or see anything that could be paranormal.

We were up there for a while so decided to make the long trip home when we had finished.


This clip shows us calling out on the top floor of the officers mess. We had asked for them to make a sound or use their voice to speak to us.  



In this clip we had just heard a noise while we had been stood quiet. we asked for the noise again and we heard the same tapping sound. 



While we were calling out we heard a whistle. We asked if they could repeat the whistle which they did. 


In this clip the camera is filming the window. I had asked if they could open the window for me but nothing happened. I carried on filming the window but was talking to Wayne about a noise we kept hearing from downstairs. But as we were talking the window opened. I then asked if they could close the window for me. The window closed almost straight away. Not sure if this was paranormal but did seem to respond to my request. 



These whistles were caught on the voice recorder while calling out.






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