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We revisited the Castle in July 2015

Investigating were Becky and myself – Lorraine

We arrived at the castle around 10pm and we made our way to the first floor. As we walked through the main hall out into the great chamber we started hearing strange noises straight away, so we got our cameras out and started filming.

I decided the best place to start was in a small store room which over looked the main hall. We climbed the little staircase up to the room and before we could both get into the room we started hearing tapping or knocking sounds.


The room was made completely of stone, and other than the metal bars in the window that was all that               surrounded us.

We set up the equipment, made ourselves comfortable and started calling out. As we had already heard knocking sounds I asked for it to happen again, and it did. As well as hearing these knocking noises we were also hearing what sounded like muffled voices.

We could now also hear music in the distance and it seemed to be getting louder. We sat confused for moment as the music that we could hear was definitely modern music. Then we realised that the music must have been coming from one of the nearby house and it seemed like they were having a bit of a party! We continued investigating and tried to ignore the music.

I decided to set up one of the cameras on the window ledge so that it covered Becky and me, and as I did I heard a groaning sound coming from the bottom of the staircase, which was followed by two knocks.

The knocking sounds seemed to be constant now and they seemed to be moving around the room. I asked if there was anybody there and if they were could they copy me, and I knocked on the wall three times. After a few seconds we heard 3 faint bangs.

The knocking continued but it seemed to be centring around Becky now. At one point we could feel it vibrating under our feet so we decided to place one of the voice recorders on the floor. As it was happening around Becky she asked if they could make it louder for us, and instantly we heard a really loud knock. We sat stunned at what had just happened as it was a definite response to Becky asking.


The knocks and bangs continued as we sat quietly in the small store room.

We decided to move on after about an hour and a half, and we made our way back down the stairs and through to the main hall. We chose one of the rooms off the main hall which was once the buttery, and we made our way in.

The knocking we had heard upstairs had now followed us down to this room and the knocks and taps continued. Again they seemed to move all around this larger room. One minute there was a knock in the far corner of the room and the next it was right next to us. Again this room was made from large blocks of stone and there were a few bars of metal in the windows.

 There was a staircase near the entrance of the room leading down to the ground floor, and we heard a loud bang coming from the bottom of the stairs. As we sat looking at each other in disbelief we heard a strange sound coming from outside in the hall. The atmosphere which had felt pleasant all night seemed to have changed now and there was a definite oppressiveness to it. Feeling slightly apprehensive I decided I would get up and move in front of the doorway to the hall to film. 


I called out and asked if they could use their voice instead of knocking and as I stood waiting for a response I felt as if someone had whispered in my ear. I was not sure if I had heard anything but I felt a breath in my ear. This scared me to the point I could not even move my feet from that spot. I stood there holding my ear where I had felt the breath, unable to move. I stood there for about a minute until I gathered my thoughts and rushed to sit back down next to Becky. That had really scared the both of us.

It was getting late and we knew we had to go but we were both too nervous to move at that point. We sat there quietly for a while and we could actually feel the atmosphere change. It went from feeling heavy and oppressive to feeling like it did when we had been sat in the smaller room upstairs. We decided this would be a good time to leave and we made our way out.

I have been to the castle many times and had experienced some pretty strange things. However I have never experienced anything like we did that night. We wondered if it was because it was just us two girls.



Here we are sat in the small storeroom and we thought we could hear the sound of muffled voices.

This is what was picked up on camera.



In this clip we are still in the storeroom and we heard two fairly loud knocks which seemed to be moving around us. 



Again still in the storeroom Becky asks if they can make the tapping louder and almost immediately we hear a loud knock in response.  


We are again still in the storeroom and the knocks continued. We also kept hearing strange sounds coming from the bottom of the stairs.

We wanted a definite response so we asked it instead of just doing random knocks they could copy me and knock three times.

The response was amazing!


In this clip we are down in the larger room which was once used as the buttery.

When asking out an unexplained sound was captured on both of our voice recorders and on the camera


Here we are still in  the buttery and we hear a strange noise coming from outside in the hall.

While I was up filming out of the door into the hall I felt a whisper in my ear. 






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