Okehampton was the largest castle in Devon but now sadly stands in ruin. It was initially built by the Normans during the 11th century and was eventually converted into an impressive residence during the 14th century by Hugh Courtenay, who was the Earl of Devon. The castle is also mentioned in the Domesday Book.

After the last Courtenay owner died at the hands of Henry VIII in 1538, it fell to ruin.


Our investigation at Okehampton Castle in Devon took place on Halloween, the 31st October 2012. 

It was a cold, wet and windy night and the journey to the West Country was pretty treacherous. We arrived at the Castle around 11.45pm and present were Lorraine, Helen and me - Becky K.

We made our way up the path towards the castle and stopped to look at an information sign. I shone my torch towards the castle and immediately we all saw a dark figure walking towards us. We all quickly turned our torches off and the figure came closer approaching us slowly. As the figure got close to us we realised it was just a guy who was just leaving with his two friends and had decided to try and scare us… It certainly worked!

We walked through the ruins of the castle and made our way up the steep steps towards the keep. 


By this time the rain had fortunately eased off. We called out up there and at one point Lorraine asked that if there was anyone in the keep or castle with us could they throw a stone into the room we were stood in. Just after that something landed on the ground beside us. It sounded like a stone. In silence we waited and called out some more, but sadly got no further activity up there in the keep so we decided to head back down towards the castle.

At the front of the castle was a small room, which in comparison to the rest of the ruin was intact so we decided to set up a camera in there and we waited, calling out periodically. 

We all felt a little uneasy in this room, noticeably more than anywhere else we had stood. Lorraine could hear a shuffling sound which sounded like it was coming from outside the doorway behind her. This happened a few times but when Helen had a look she couldn’t see anything out there. At one point Lorraine looked out up towards the keep and saw a shadowy figure pass through the archway. She commented and Helen looked up there too. Both Helen and Lorraine saw the shadow this time. It was far too large to be an animal. Unfortunately we were too far away for the cameras to pick this it up. We continued to call out and Lorraine heard a humming sound in the room we were stood in.

By this time we were very cold and had been around the entire castle, so we decided to head off. As we were walking away from the castle, both Lorraine and I heard a female humming a melody. We both assumed it was Helen as she was at the back, but we both turned to look at her and she was not making a noise. Both Lorraine and I thought there was something odd about the humming sound.

We got back to the car and after warming up headed for a separate investigation at Lydford Castle which was nearby.



**** CAUTION ****

This clip contains swearing

In this clip we are stood in the keep. We are calling out and something was thrown and hits the floor. 

The ground of the keep is covered in gravel where we were stood. 






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