The ruins of Ludgershall Castle in Wiltshire are all that remains of a once fortified royal residence. 

The castle you see today was built on the site of an Iron Age Hillfort and was believed to have been built around the end of the 11th century by Edward of Salisbury, the sheriff of Wiltshire.   

The castle was built along the main trading route from Winchester to Marlborough and in 1210 the castle which was now in the hands of King John underwent major renovations. John would stop and rest at the castle on his way to the west country and he also would use it as a hunting lodge while hunting in the adjacent forest. The castle was passed down to  Henry III the son of John and in 1240 he added a great hall and lavish royal apartments.  Henry was the last person to undertake any building work on the castle and by 1317 the castle was know as the "Kings Manor" and was passed to  successive queens and royal dependants. It is not know when exactly the royal family stopped using the castle but by the 1540 most of the castle had been dismantled.  

The investigation took place in October 2016 

We arrived at the ruins around 10 pm and investigating along with myself was Becky K. 

It was a clear chilly night and there was little or no wind when we arrived. There is not much left of the castle just a few small walls showing the layout of the castle and the remains of one of its towers.  


We have not investigated many locations which are outdoor, as we find it hard to capture evidence due to surrounding noises and often the wind blowing on our microphones. However, we did not expect to experience as much unexplained phenomena  as we did.  

We entered the grounds of the castle and headed over to the one remaining tower. We started calling out and almost instantly, we started to hear faint noises. We continued to call out and see if we could capture the noises that we were hearing on our equipment.  

The castle remains are within an enclosed ditch. As we were calling out we heard a grunting sound coming from the top of the ditch in the distance. It was to dark to see what was out there with my failing torch light, so I got my camera out and started taking photos with the flash to try and see what was out there, but we could see nothing. 



We were now hearing constant noises and they always seemed to be coming from behind us. We would move to where we thought the sounds were coming from and we would then hear it again from where we had just come from, which was now behind us.  

We heard a really loud sound coming from what seemed to have been a small room, we guessed this from the remaining foundation stones. We moved into the room and Becky started to get really cold to the point she was shivering. She said she felt icy cold and that she felt the temperature change. I had felt no temperature drop and it had stayed a constant temperature the whole time. While Becky was feeling this I heard what sounded like a young child's voice. I could not tell what is said - if it was saying anything and I could not tell where it was coming from.  

We moved on to a bigger room and it was here that we heard what sounded like footsteps right next to us. We were stood on the grass at the time and the footsteps sounded like they were being made on a wooden floor. We were also hearing those faint noises from behind us still.  

We walked into what seemed to be the largest of the remaining rooms and the atmosphere seemed to change. While we had felt entirely comfortable everywhere else in the castle, this room felt very oppressive

 The sounds we kept hearing, seemed to be circling us now and it seemed as if there was something there, like they were playing with us. It was also in this room, we heard what sounded like something being thrown. We did not see anything just heard something hit the ground. This was followed by us hearing the child's voice again this time we both heard it together. 

We decided to vacate this room, as we did not like how if felt in there and we headed back over to the tower. 

Becky took a photo of me as we were walking back over to the tower and as she did I pulled a stupid face. As we were laughing about it, Becky heard what sounded like a voice coming from the tower.  


After that things seemed to go quiet, every now and again we heard the sounds behind us, but even these seemed to die down. It was getting late and the temperature was dropping, so we decided to call it a night. 

We had experienced lots of unexplained noises and feelings during our investigation of the castle and we hoped we had captured at least some of it on the equipment.  

When we went through the video and voice recorder footage, we found that there was a lot of interference from the wind on our mics. We managed to pick up a few sounds, but sadly the majority of the footage was contaminated by this. Ideally you need headphones to hear the footstep and knocking clips below.

In this clip we captured an unexplained sound, a possible E.V.P. 

While we were calling out we heard something hit the ground right in front of us.

When asking for some activity we heard some faint knocking sounds. 

We have enhanced the sound as much as we can and you can just about hear the knocking sounds. 

Again we had experienced something landing right in front of us, this was then followed by the same sound but further away from us. 

While we were stood on a grassy area and we could hear the sound of footsteps around us. Although we were stood on grass the footsteps sounded like they were being made on a wooden floor.

We have enhanced the audio as much as we can and you can just make out the sound of the footsteps. 


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