Leybourne Grange was an old hospital near Maidstone in Kent.

The hospital was opened in 1936 and remained in use until 1996 . The hospital was extremely institutionalised and accommodated up to 1200 patients who had severe learning difficulties.

It covers 270 acres and is very tree based making it unseen from the main roads.

There is an old manor house in the grounds which is being converted into flats and a private school which is still in use. The site is gradually being converted into new housing.

There is a church yard to the left of the old hospital which has the grave of John Down, whose name is used to describe the condition known as Downs Syndrome.


Our investigation took place during June 2010 and those present were myself, Helen, with Lorraine, Wayne, Rachael and our new investigator Aaron.

We started our investigation in one of the many huge buildings now deserted and stripped of the complete interior. We explored throughout the building and decided to stop and call out from a room on the top floor.


We had a couple of taps in response to some of our questions but nothing concrete.

Then we stopped calling out and continued to explore. While walking down a narrow corridor with rooms coming off either side, Lorraine heard a noise like a hiss from inside a room. Within seconds her two-way radio went off in her pocket although the others were not on. It repeatedly made the ‘call’ noise. No one had their cameras running although Wayne turned his on and caught the end of the radio going off.

 Rachael and myself then both saw a shadow moving quickly down the corridor into the stairway. We all decided to quickly follow to see if we could see or hear anything but it vanished.

We all paused and waited a very short while and then we all heard a shuffling noise from the bottom of the stairs.

We listened again and called out again but after this heard nothing.

We spent the rest of the evening exploring other buildings but heard or saw nothing else.

More photos of Leybourne Grange






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