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The first castle at Kenilworth was built during the 1120’s by Geoffrey de Clinton. He built most of the Norman keep, and also the nearby priory. During the early 13th Century, King John added to the building turning it into one of Britain’s most impressive castles.

John of Gaunt, son of Edward III eventually developed the Castle into a palace and constructed the huge great hall and associated rooms. Kenilworth became a favourite residence of the British Monarchy.

During 1563, Elizabeth I gifted the palace to Robert Dudley the Earl of Leicester. He turned Kenilworth into a great Renaissance home, especially designed to receive the Queen and also her accompanying court.

The castle's outer defence walls were taken down in 1650. In 1958, the current Lord Kenilworth gifted the castle to the town of Kenilworth and since 1984 it has been managed and maintained by the English Heritage.

It has been reported that the castle is haunted by a monk who has been seen by many members of staff. 


We investigated Kenilworth castle during September 2012. 

Becky K and me - Lorraine met up with another paranormal group - The Polter Guys.

We started the investigation and decided to leave  our voice recorder in the Leicester buildings. This part of the building went down to two different levels. There are two sets of wooden stairs leading down the levels and we decided to leave the voice recorder on a wooden handrail on one of the sets of stairs.

We then made our way to the old state apartments. The Polter Guys went off to explore the castle a bit more while Becky and I decided we would concentrate on investigating the first floor. This consisted of a large room with a smaller room at the end.


 We thought we would sit in the small room and call out in there. We sat for approximately twenty minutes but nothing happened so we decided to leave the small room and try calling out in the larger room instead. We called out and at first we got no response. We then called out again and we heard a sound coming from the stairway which was just at the other end of the larger room. We stood for a second to see if we could hear anything else. We did not, so we made our way towards the stairs and walked back down to ground level. We stood at the bottom of the stairs and called out again but we got nothing. It was at this point we could hear the Polter Guys heading in our direction. We told them what we had heard and we decided to set up a camera on a tripod pointing up the stairs, and leave it recording while we continued our investigation and exploring the castle.

We left the camera and headed towards the Great Hall along with the Polter Guys. As we were walking through the castle, Mark (who is one of the Polter Guys) told us he felt that something had just touched his hand. We stood and called out for them to do it again to somebody else but we got nothing. We continued over to the great hall and again we decided to split. Becky and I made our way up to the first floor of the strong tower while the guys went towards the kitchen.


There was only a small room in this section and the atmosphere in the room felt calm. We started calling out again  but we got nothing. Becky and I stood in silence for a while listening hard for any kind of sound but we heard nothing. As we stood listening I felt the room get colder and I started to feel a little uneasy. We were stood in complete darkness and the only light that was shining was from the LCD screen from the view finder on Becky’s camera. I started to feel as if something was now in the room with us and I did not like how it felt. I stood quiet for a moment and then I felt as if something was stood right next to me - almost touching my shoulder. This startled me so much that I jumped and gave out a little shriek which then in turn made Becky jump. I explained what had happened to Becky and I just stood there rooted to the spot. I do not scare easy but after this I was a little scared. It is hard to explain but I did not see anything, nothing touched me but I knew something was there beside me. After a minute or two the atmosphere in the room became calm again and we decided to move on.


We met up with the guys again and explained what had just happened, and they decided to go and investigate the room we had just left. We decided to explore the strong tower a bit more while they went back to the room. After sometime they returned but said they had found nothing and the room felt fine to them.

It was getting late and we decided we would investigate the kitchen area and then call it a night. The guys told us we should go down into the store which was underground so Becky and I made our way there and the guys followed behind us some minutes later. Becky and I went into a little room within the store room and started calling out. As we were stood there waiting for a reply one of the guys shouted to us asking where we were stood. We told him where we were as they entered the stores and Sam B (one of the Polter Guys) said they had just seen a figure move in the store room but not where Becky and I had been stood. Two of the guys had seen it and it could not have been Becky or I as we were in the small room. We then all stood in the small room and we started calling out. I heard a sound from the opposite side of the room close to where Mark was standing. Mark had also heard something and to me it sounded like a breath. Nobody else heard it, just Mark and I as we were on that side of the room. We got nothing else so we decided to call it a night and made our way back to the cars.

Thanks to The Polter Guys for a great night

The Polter Guys are on twitter 

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In this clip Sam from the Polter Guys is explaining what they have just seen





Here Mark from the Polter Guys is telling us that he has just been touched on the hand 





In this clip the Polter Guys had gone off to investigate with one of our cameras. The guys can hear a sound while in one of the small rooms. I have enhanced and replayed the sound.  


In this clip we had left the voice recorder in Leicester building. We placed the recorder on the hand rail to some wooden steps leading down. We then all moved to the other side of the castle to investigate there.

This is what the recorder picked up. 

First sound you hear is a thudding, then about 30 seconds later there is a sound which to us sounds like a door creaking open. This is followed a few seconds later by another thud.



More photos of the Castle





















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