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Houghton house in Ampthill, Bedfordshire is a Grade I listed building now in ruins. 

It is now maintained by English Heritage and they have restored it to what you see today.

The house was commissioned in 1615 by Mary Herbert, the Dowager Countess of Pembroke to be used as a hunting lodge. Mary was a well-connected member of the court of King James I and it was he who granted Mary the land. The building was finished in 1621 and on completion it was honoured by a visit from the King. Not long after this Mary died of smallpox and the King granted the house and lands to the Bruce family.

The family eventually sold the lands and house to the Duke of Bedford, who rented the park but not the house to his neighbour. Eventually unable to rent the house without the land the Duke ordered the house to be dismantled and it fell into ruins.

There have been reports of ghostly shadows that appear and vanish once seen. Also the apparitions of a knight on horseback and the figure of a little girl have been seen. 

We visited Houghton House during July 2012. There was Becky K, Becky W and myself Lorraine.

We were due to investigate another site that night but it fell through so it was a last minute decision to visit Houghton House.

We arrived during the early hours of the morning, having travelled 70 miles from the site which we were due to investigate. It was a pitch black and very still night and luckily the rain was holding off.

We parked the car and walked down the tracks that lead to the house. The track was surrounded either side by trees so it was like walking through a tunnel.

The entrance to the house was totally waterlogged, so we made our way in over a small wall. Once inside we made ourselves familiar with our surroundings. We decided that we would go down the wooden stairs to what we thought may have been a kitchen. 

Once on the ground level, the stairway led out into a large room. Over in the far corner we saw a smaller room so we decided to start our investigation there.


The atmosphere in the whole place felt nice and calm at first, until we started to call out. Straight away we heard a few sounds outside in the bigger room so I decided we should place the voice recorder out there by the stairs and leave it recording. 

Once I did this I re-joined the two Beckys back in the smaller room and we carried on asking if anyone was there and if so could they make a sound? The atmosphere now did not feel as nice and as we were calling out we seemed to get some response to our questions. We heard two loud banging sounds coming from outside the room which we were stood in. We continued to ask more questions but got no answer. We stood there for a while and the atmosphere again seemed to change and once again it felt calm. We went back out into the larger room and asked if anyone was there could they make a sound by the stairs? Still we heard nothing.

 We climbed back up the stairs into the heart of the building and decided to call out there. 


After going into all the rooms, we did not get any response so we thought we would go back downstairs and try once again down there. As we started to walk down, I decided to leave the voice recorder at the top of the stairs to see if we could capture anything while we were down there.

We carried on investigating but we saw or heard nothing – We just hoped that we would pick something up on the voice recorders which we had left around different parts of the building. It began to get light so we decided to call it a day and make our way back to the car. 


We had just arrived and we were just finding our way around the ruins. Having gone down to the lower levels to the smaller room we had one video camera running and this is what it captured. 

Right at the beginning of the clip you can hear a very faint sound. I then ask if they could make it closer and if they could do it again and you can clearly hear a knocking sound. Again I ask if they could do it just outside the doorway and we hear an unexplained sound followed by what sounds like someone saying "Get out."

It was then we decided to leave the voice recorder back out by the bottom of the stairs. 


This is what the voice recorder picked up at the bottom of the stairs

 We started calling out and asked if they could pick something up and throw it in the courtyard area. I then asked if they could use their voice to speak to us and you can hear a faint woman's sigh. 

I then ask for something to be thrown and we hear the same unexplained noise as the clip above. It was then followed by the same unexplained sound again.

This clip is of the same sounds as above but taken from the video camera. 

We are stood in the smaller room asking for something to be thrown and you hear the sounds from outside the room.


This clip is of an EVP captured in one of the rooms off the main entrance. 

We are calling out and tell them we mean them no harm and you hear a strange sound which almost sounds like a man speaking. The whistling you can hear in the clip is of a bird tweeting in the background. 

This clip is from the voice recorder when it was left at the top of the stairs. 

We had gone back to the lower level and you can hear us calling out in the distance asking for activity to happen on the stairway. You can then hear a faint clicking sound which is then followed a few seconds later by what sounded like footsteps on the wooden stairs. We were all together and nowhere near the stairs at the time of the recording. 



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