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For our first investigation and the history of Houghton House Click 

 We decided to revisit Houghton House in September 2013.

The investigation team were Wayne, Becky K and myself Lorraine.

After the findings of our last investigation we were really excited to re visit the site. 

It was a fairly windy night and the moon was almost full. We arrived around 8pm and made our way down to the remains of the house. 

We had decided that after capturing the sound of footsteps on the stairs on our last visit, we would set up a camera aimed at the stairs and also leave one of the voice recorders on the handrail halfway down.  


Once we had finished setting up the camera we decided to start the investigation on the lower levels of the house.

We made our way to the little room in one corner of the lower level. It was here that we had heard stones thrown just outside the room on our first visit. 

We started calling out and we got no response at all. After about 15 minutes we decided to send Wayne up to the upper level to conduct an investigation by himself. Not long after he went myself and Becky called out and asked if they could make a sound. Almost straight away we heard the same sound as we had heard on our first visit and it was just outside the room. We carried on calling out and we heard a few faint sounds but could not be sure it wasn't the wind. 


We then decided to come out of the little room and started to call out again and almost straight away I thought I heard footsteps in the gravel behind us. Myself and Becky turned round and then we heard two sounds which sounded like something being thrown and hitting the gravel in front of us. It was then that Wayne radioed through that his radio had just switched itself off. He also told us that he was right over the other side of the house and had heard nothing. He continued investigating the other side while Becky and myself continued to call out where we were.

After nothing happening for a few minutes we heard another loud sound of something thrown again, something big.  At that point Wayne radioed to say he was coming down the stairs. 


We had been investigating for well over an hour by this point and we decided to take a break from calling out but keep the equipment running. While we were chatting and messing about something big landed in the gravel right in front of us.  

After that last thing hitting the ground we decided to start calling out again but we had no response. We then decided to make our way to the other room at the end of the court yard we were in. We stood in there for a while and we heard a few bangs and taps and also something hitting the ground again. 

We had been there for over three hours and had experienced quite a lot of activity but for the last half hour things went quiet. We decided to call it a day as nothing was happening and we made our way back to the stairs and started packing away the equipment. As we were packing it away I was sure I heard a something on the upper level and Wayne went up to investigate what it might have been but could see or hear nothing. 

We were a bit disappointed with the investigation as we did not get as much activity as the last investigation here. I do think the wind did hamper our investigation slightly as it was hard to hear things over the wind.   






In this first clip myself and Becky are sat in the little room on the lower level and we hear the same unexplained sound as we did on our first investigation. It was also picked up on the voice recorder in the stairway. 





Myself and Becky had just come out of the little room in the lower level. I suddenly heard what sounded like footsteps behind me so we turned to look. After a few seconds you can hear two objects hit the ground in front of us. At the same time as this was happening Wayne radioed to say his radio had just turned itself off. 



About 5 minutes after we experienced what happened in the clip above, we hear another object land near us. This time it was something big that hit the ground.  



Wayne had now returned and we had taken a break from calling out and were just chatting. As we were laughing something again lands on the floor next to us.







We had relocated to the other end of the lower level and were stood in the room at the end. We were calling out and a faint knock can be heard.




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