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Graylingwell Asylum in Chichester, West Sussex was founded in 1894 then finally opened in 1897 as a hospital for the mentally ill.

During World War I the hospital closed temporarily and was used as a base by the Military. The patients were evacuated to other southern asylums.

On return to civilian use plans were put in place for additional buildings to the main hospital. These buildings included an admission hospital which was to be known as Summersdale, a nurses home to be known as Pinewood, a building for female tuberculosis patients and a female convalescent home, and also a home for female working patients.

Graylingwell was taken over by the N.H.S in 1948 by which time it could hold in excess of one thousand patients. The hospital was eventually wound down and in 2003 finally shut its doors.

The site is now known as 9 College Lane rather than Graylingwell Asylum and is now being renovated into a site for new housing.


Lorraine, Rachael and myself Helen took part in our investigation of Graylingwell hospital. We decided as an all-girl group to try this asylum by ourselves, as it has been often said that an all-female presence could attract more paranormal activity. So we thought we would try out this theory.

We started investigations on the ground floor which appeared to have been used as offices by admin staff.


We called out in one room while filming and recording. We heard noises from what appeared to be above us on the upper floor. We really thought it sounded like footsteps yet we were the only people in the whole building. Unfortunately it was too faint to be able to be picked up on the microphones.

We decided to follow the sounds and head on upstairs. We found ourselves in a corridor with several rooms so Rachael and myself decided to go into adjacent rooms, while Lorraine stayed out in the corridor. We all had our own video cameras so we could get a perspective of the whole area.


We took it in turns to call out and ask if there was anybody there could they please let their presence be known, and immediately I heard a fairly loud knock which appeared to come from the room I was stood in.

I went into the corridor and told Lorraine what I had heard and she decided to follow me back into the room, bringing with her the voice recorder.

Lorraine went back out into the corridor while I continued to call out and continued to hear knocks and bangs. This time Lorraine could hear them also from her place in the corridor. The noises still seemed to be coming from the room I was in. Lorraine could hear what sounded like running water while she was in the corridor and I could hear it from my room. Rachael could not hear it from hers however.


After a few minutes Lorraine came back into my room and we both called out. Rachael joined us and all three of us stood in the room and listened. This time as well as the bangs and knocks we heard rumbling noises which seemed to be coming from the floor under our feet. When Lorraine pointed this out I decided to film our feet so that it could be seen that we were not moving and just standing stationary listening to the noises.

Again we heard bangs which seemed to respond to our questions. These all can be heard on both the video cameras and voice recorder quite clearly.

Further investigations around other parts of the site proved fruitless, so after a few more hours we decided to call it a night and head off home.


This clip shows us on the first floor in different rooms calling out. We asked them to knock twice if they were a patient there. We heard a loud knock which seemed to be coming from the room Helen was in. Checking that none of us had made the knocking sound, which we had not, we asked again but got no reply.


We are now all together in the same room and we could hear banging and feel it coming from under our feet. We placed the voice recorder on the floor to see if we could pick up the sounds. We then asked if they could tap out how many people were with us in the room. You can then hear three taps caught on video. The whispering you can hear also is myself. 


We decided to go back to the places we were before and try calling out again. We left the voice recorder on the floor in the room with Helen as this seemed to be the most active. The voice recorder picked up some of the bangs that seemed to be coming from the floor. We could also hear these bangs from where we were outside the room. When we enhanced the bangs we found we had captured an E.V.P of what sounds like a man's voice.


More photos of Graylingwell asylum 






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