This is a selection of our best E.V.P's from our investigations. 

Click on the title for the full investigation report.

We were  sat chatting inside the tower and just after Helen had finished talking you hear can a deep sigh. 

Several sounds can be heard here but right at the end we capture  an  EVP saying "Get out"

 We captured a strange sound which almost sounds like a man speaking. The whistling you can hear in the clip is of a bird tweeting in the background. 

 We had captured bangs while investigating and when we tried to enhance the bangs we found we had captured an E.V.P of what sounds like a man's voice.


This unexplained sound was picked up by camera but we did not hear it at the time. Suggestions to the noise have been the sound of a divers mask or oxygen mask.  

Once we slowed it down we can hear what is possibly a man's voice also

This is a recording of an unexplained noise which we captured on voice recorder while we were speaking.   

 The sound which we thought sounded like a grumble, sounds more like a male voice on the voice recorder. 

Please keep listening even if you think it sounds like its over as I have slowed the 'voice' down and repeated it at the end.

We think it sounds like Marguerite - We were calling for Margaret but had forgotten the Pomeroy family were French.

In this clip we are sat in the Rampart Terrace and while we were calling out the camera picked up what sounds like a child's voice. We did not hear this at the time. 

It is after we ask if they would like us to leave

It is very faint and can only be heard on the original clip with the volume right up so we  have replayed the clip and increased the volume so you can hear it.  


 In this clip you first see us sat on the first floor landing and we hear what we think sounds like talking or muttering, but nothing was picked up on our cameras. 

The second part of the clip was taken from the voice recorder at the bottom of the stairs. It was captured at exactly the same time as the first clip

Here we are sat in the small storeroom and we thought we could hear the sound of muffled voices.

This is what was picked up on camera. 





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