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Full investigation video now available

The history of the Asylum and our first investigation of Denbigh can be found 


It’s been almost four and a half years since we last investigated Denbigh and quite a lot has changed since then. Some of the hospital has been demolished and other parts have been made safe which made it hard to get around.

As we did our walk around during the day the place did not have quite the same feel as before. Maybe it was because the long corridors we had walked down on our last visit were no longer there, where we once imagined the patients and staff walking there before us.


The places we had investigated on our previous investigation where we had found activity were either not accessible or no longer there, so we decided where we would investigate that night and made our way out until it got dark.

Our second investigation of Denbigh Asylum took place in June 2013

The investigation team was Wayne, Becky K and myself, Lorraine.

We made our way inside the asylum around 11.00pm to start our investigation. Although the place had felt calm and peaceful during our walk around during the day, the place had now however taken on a different atmosphere altogether. As we walked around we could feel some sort of presence around the area we were in so we decided we start our investigation there.

As soon as we started calling out we started to hear sounds coming from the corridor off of the room we were in. 

We could not make out what the sounds were so continued to call out and still these sounds persisted. I then decided to stamp my feet on the ground and asked if they could copy me, and after a few seconds we heard a faint and muffled banging sound in the distance. We could not tell where this was coming from as it was so faint so I asked them to do it again. Nothing happened at first then we heard the faint thudding sound again. It was too faint for us to tell if it was responding to us.

 I then asked if they could use their voice to speak to us and we heard what sound like a man’s voice coming from the corridor. It was very faint but we could tell that it was a man’s voice so asked for him to speak again. Once again we heard a man’s voice, Becky and I could not make out what was being said but Wayne heard it and he said he clearly heard “Piss Off.” Then almost straight after that the KII meter started to go off. 

First it was very slight then it went mad and all lights were lighting up. This went on for about a minute then stopped. We continued to call out and we were getting very faint sounds so could not be sure if it was in response to us.

After some time things started to die down and we were getting no response. It had been a long night so we decided to call it a day.

It is such a shame that the place has been left to get into the state that it has, and I am sure that this will be our last ever investigation at the North Wales Hospital. 


We asked them to come towards us and we had some KII meter activity. we could feel something was around us and at the same time we could hear a faint male voice.


This clip is from the voice recorder. 

We call out and ask them to use their voice or make a tapping sound and after a short pause a knock can be heard.  


This clip is what the voice recorder picked up when we asked for something to be thrown. 

We were not sure if something had been thrown or if it was a knocking sound. 


We heard a faint tapping sound and we asked if they could do it again, and this is what we picked up on the voice recorder.  






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