Totally Haunted over the years have caught lots of things on camera from orb shaped anomalies to strange mists.

At first we were excited about finding  these things and thought they could be possible paranormal 


  We started to question our findings after a short time as we were capturing a lot of these things 

 even when taking everyday photographs.

We decided to do some experiments to try and recreate these things ourselves and found this easy to do.

We believe that most orbs that are caught on camera are attributed to either dust or moisture.

These are the reasons why we think this. 


 This photo was taken outside when it was snowing. The flash is reflecting off a snowflake.


 Likewise in this photo it is raining and again the flash is rebounding off the raindrops.



 This photo was taken in a room where there had been extensive fire and smoke damage. We could actually see the particles in the air as we walked about disturbing the dust and soot

 These photos do contain a lot of orbs and normally you would only get one or two in a photo. But these are to show how moisture and dust can create an orb.



 There is also a lot of discussion about mists which are often caught on camera. Whenever we take photos while investigating we make sure that we do not breathe out while taking a photo. Often the breath can be seen on the photo especially if taken when it is cold outside. We have had mists in some of our photos which we cannot explain but below are a few photos taken which we know to have been taken catching someone’s breath.




 Also we have taken photos and when looking back at them it looks like we have caught something on them but on closer inspection have turned out to be nothing. The photos below are examples of a few times when this has occurred.


 In this photo our initial thought was that it looked a bit like a face.

 But what it really was was Wayne’s fingers while he was stood taking a photo.




In this photo you can see a figure in the room behind the window. 

What it really is a reflection of Helen who was stood beside me while I was taking the photo. It was only the fact that Helen had her hair up that day and it was distinctive so we then knew it was her.  


 This is only our opinion and I am sure there would some that disagree with us. Also we are not saying everything that is caught on camera is as simple as this because it’s not. We have caught light anomalies on camera we cannot explain and also strange mists. But we do believe that the round shaped orbs which are so common in photos are defiantly dust or moister.


 Below are some photographs that we have taken and cannot explain what has been caught on them.


These two photos above are from our investigation at West Park Asylum

The lights which can be seen we have no explanation for. This camera had taken over 200 photos this night but this is the only two which show this type light. 


This photo is from our investigation of Berry Pomeroy Castle in Devon this mist can not be explained.

It was a very cold night so we could actually see our breath when breathing out. But we always make sure when we do take photos we do not breath out while taking it. If we do which is easy done we make a note of which photo this was so we can eliminate it later.  


This photo is from our investigation of  Pevensey Castle. 

The blue wispy mist you can see we also had no explanation for. We took many photos of the same area but it only showed up in this one photo. 






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