Hello, I’m Lorraine and I have always lived in the Southampton area. I have been interested in the paranormal for as long as I can remember. I am the founder member of Totally Haunted and have been ghost hunting for the last twenty years.

Although I have seen and heard things and even had things thrown at me, I am still not totally convinced that there are such things as ghosts. So it is my mission to find out.

You will normally find me behind the camera and calling out. I also do all the work on the website along with editing all the investigation footage. I find and do the research into the places we investigate. Along with Wayne we are the designated drivers. 


 Hi Wayne here, I have lived in the Hampshire area all my life.

I have been interested in history since school but have only been interested in the paranormal during the past ten years. It was only when reunited with Lorraine and she explained what she did that I become interested and went on my first excursion. Since then I have been in the front line with Lorraine investigating paranormal activity. I now class myself as a sceptic although I have seen and heard things which I can not explain. Until I see something with my own eyes this will remain so.

My part in Totally Haunted is usually in front of the camera, unfortunately for you as I am one of the lead investigators. I’m not good with the technical stuff so I leave this to Lorraine.




Hi I'm Helen and I live in Hampshire.

I have been interested in the paranormal for several years and I also enjoy taking photographs of old buildings. I was not convinced that paranormal activity exists but I think I have been now proven wrong. Several things I have witnessed during Totally Haunted investigations I can't explain and I have seen orbs in front of me with my naked eye.

I love exploring and I particularly enjoy visiting old asylums and hospitals in our mission to explore the paranormal.

I am one of the investigators within Totally Haunted and I also take a lot of the photos. I also do some of the admin for the website.

Hi I'm Becky K, I'm from Southampton. I have always been fascinated and open minded when it comes to the paranormal. I have seen, heard and felt things over the years which I can only explain as paranormal, but would love some unquestionable proof.

I am also very interested in old buildings and the history they hold, especially hospitals and asylums. 

I will be the one mostly looking scared. My fascination outweighs my fear, but as much as I crave tangible proof of the paranormal I can't help being scared at the same time! 

I help out with admin for Totally Haunted and also help with viewing the investigation footage. 



 Hi I'm Becky W and I live in Southampton. I have joined the Totally Haunted team on a couple of their investigations.

I have lived in pubs for most of my life and have heard quite a few explainable things.

I do believe in spirits, I think but would love to get something on camera which is why I have done investigations with the Totally Haunted team. Looking forward to joining them again.


Hi I am Keiron, I live in Southampton

I do believe in the paranormal however I have never experienced or heard anything. Many of my family have and that is why I have always been interested in finding out for myself.

On my first trip I heard a few spooky things and hope to experience more.


Hi I’m Mike I am Wayne's younger brother.

I have believed for some time now that there is something out there possibly! On hearing of my brothers experiences with Totally Haunted I became more interested. Although I have only been on a few investigations I do believe after all I have seen and heard that there is definitely something out there. As to what I just don’t know!



Hello. My name is Rich, I'm Helen's younger brother and I live near Portsmouth in Hampshire.

I am a non - believer of the paranormal until I have 100% evidence of spiritual activity. I have been researching sites and ghosts for 5 years now and I am slowly being converted into a believer. I researched the sites before I went on my investigations with the team. I wanted to find out the history before we entered to get the facts... and sometimes gory details on what has gone on behind the dark closed doors of history and legends.


 My name is Rachael I live in Hampshire.

I became interested in the paranormal from a young age. My first experience was when I was about 7 years old. It was at my Mothers workplace, an old manor house. I saw a ghost of a lady. She came around the corner of the stairs. I believe she came to see what the noise was, as my sister was playing on a keyboard. She was only there for a second or two than she was gone. I believe my mind was far more open then and I would love to experience something like that again as an adult.

I can't think of a better and more professional way of exploring the paranormal than being with the Totally Haunted team themselves.







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