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  Becky K, Wayne and myself, Lorraine decided to revisit Berry Pomeroy Castle in September 2014

To see our first investigation

This was mine and Wayne’s second visit to the castle but Becky had not been before.

As we had captured an E.V.P in St Margaret’s tower last time we investigated, we decided to leave a voice recorder running in the basement along with a video camera. We also decided we would leave a ball on the stairs a few steps from the bottom, and we placed our barrier alarm at the top of the stairs. 


Whilst setting up the barrier alarm it started to malfunction. It started going through the different chimes, although this can only happen when you move the switch, which we weren't doing. There are two chimes on there and it kept switching between the two, then it played a third chime that isn't even on there and we have never heard before. We thought this was odd and waited until they were working correctly. Once we finally got them working and in place on the stairs we made our way out to the Rampart terrace and started to call out. The barrier alarm continued to work fine all night after that.

We called out on the terrace for about 10 mins and with no response we move onto a different part. 

We then heard what sounded like a group of teenagers heading for the castle. We stood quietly to see what they were doing and one of their heads appeared over the wall. My reaction was to shine my torch at them and say “Should you be up there?” to which they disappeared and we then heard them all running back down the lane. I was only messing around but it was funny seeing their reaction!

 We waited for a while and then decided to split up and carry on with the investigation. Wayne went over to the kitchen and bakery while Becky and I made our way to the great hall. 


Becky and I called out while moving between the great hall and the parlour, but had no response so we moved out into the courtyard. While stood quietly in the courtyard just listening out for any kind of sounds, we heard what we thought was Wayne walking on the gravel in the rooms around the inner courtyard. It was not until moments later when Wayne approached us from the kitchen area we realised it could not have been him making the sound of footsteps on the gravel. 

When Wayne reached us we asked if he had experienced any activity to which he replied “No.” We all agreed that the place felt peaceful and calm.

We decided to split up again and Wayne headed over to the great hall while Becky and I made our way into the inner courtyard. We started to call out and we heard what sounded like keys or a chain coming from the rooms in front of us. We called out to make sure that it was not Wayne and it was not so we asked for it to happen again but we got nothing.

It had been over an hour now since we had left the camera recording in the basement of St Margaret’s tower so we decided to head back over there. The ball was still on the stairs as we had left it, much to our disappointment.


To me the atmosphere in the tower is much more oppressive than the rest of the castle and its grounds, although everything felt peaceful and calm.

We decided to do an Ouija board and as we were setting up we heard a loud bang. Becky and myself heard it but Wayne did not. To us it sounded like a door being shut, although there are no doors in the castle except for the one at the gatehouse which is locked.

We have tried doing an Ouija board several times at different locations that we have investigated but we have never had any luck before. We set up the board and started to ask for someone to move the glass for us. At first we got nothing and then the glass slowly started to twist. It was so slight we only noticed it after a while. While the glass was moving we were experiencing faint banging sounds. After about ten minutes Wayne decided to let just Becky and I try on our own. At first the glass moved very slightly as I asked for them to tell us the first letter of their first name. After a while the glass started to move towards the letter G where it then stopped. We continued to ask them to move the glass and the glass slowly started to move then shoot off down the board and settled on Goodbye. 

While this was happening I started to get Goosebumps all up the arm that was touching the glass and started to feel a bit sick. Once the glass had spelt out goodbye we decided to stop it there, as if something was pushing the glass it clearly did not want to continue. 

We decided to call it a night and packed up our equipment and made our way back to the car.


In this clip we are sat in the Rampart Terrace and while we were calling out the camera picked up what sounds like a child's voice. We did not hear this at the time. 

It is after we ask if they would like us to leave

It is very faint and can only be heard on the original clip with the volume right up so we  have replayed the clip and increased the volume so you can hear it. 


In this clip we are sat in the basement of St Margaret's Tower

We are just sat chatting and we heard a loud bang or booming sound.  


In this clip we are in St Margaret's Tower and we decided to do a ouija board.

Once we have finished speaking and it goes quiet the camera picked up faint voices in the distance. These can only be heard on the original clip with the volume right up but we have replayed the clip and increased the volume. 

We did not hear it at the time. 


While investigating the rest of the castle we left a camera running in St Margaret's Tower. The tape ran for an hour and it captured several different sounds.

We have put all these sounds in one clip





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