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For the history of Barrow and to see our first investigation

Our investigation of Barrow Gurney took place in June 2012, this being Totally Haunted’s second investigation of this site. The first investigation was 2009, at which I was not present.

We had been contacted by Calum via email, as he had taken a photo in a doorway of one of the buildings depicting a shadowy figure of what appears to be a man. (The photo can be seen below)

This inspired us to return to Barrow and see if we could find this figure.

We arrived at Barrow around 10pm, and present were Lorraine, Helen, and myself, Becky K. We had arranged to meet Calum and his 2 friends, Ellie and Sam there. We proceeded into the site as it was starting to get dark and the rain was holding off for us. 

Calum, Ellie and Sam knew their way around the site as they had visited a few times, and a lot of buildings had gone since the team had last visited. We walked past lots of rubble, some of which had been buildings the team had previously investigated, including the chapel. 


We proceeded round the site taking photos of what was left, until we were lead into a building. The first 2 buildings seemed calm and there was no activity, so we proceeded into another building which we believe to have been the hospital library.

This is the first building we felt something in, so we decided to sit and call out for a while in this big room with lots of windows. 


We all felt uneasy and thought we heard footsteps and whispering from the hallway, so we put the voice recorder out there. Lorraine began calling out, and the K2 meter started going off rapidly. At one point we all heard a thud, which sounded like it could’ve been footsteps. Some of the others mentioned hearing whispering, and I also heard it, as if it was coming from behind where Helen was sat. The K2 meter went off numerous times whilst calling out. 

Helen kept feeling cold every time it went off, and she was sat closest to it. We sat there for about an hour and after everything had calmed down we decided to move on.

 We went out into the hallway and continued down the corridor, where we all felt like we were being followed. Lorraine was a way behind us taking photos and she heard footsteps walking over the rubble and debris, which made her feel very uneasy so she caught us up rapidly! The K2 meter continued to go off sporadically, going up to red at times. I felt very uncomfortable in the corridor and really didn’t want to be left at the back, so Lorraine had to bring up the rear! Whilst walking through the corridor, we came across a loose electrical cable hanging from the ceiling. As we walked away from it, it started to swing to and fro quite noticeably. Lorraine asked if anyone had touched it but no one had gone near it. 


There was one point whilst in the corridor that Lorraine was trying to take a photo of where the footsteps were coming from, and the flash button on the camera jammed so she was unable to turn the flash on. There didn’t seem to be any reason for this as the camera had been working fine all night, and did again a few seconds afterwards. We got to the end of the building and moved on.

We ventured into other buldings, and at one point in a small room on the first floor Calum felt someone touch him on the shoulder, but there was no one there. We heard a few odd sounds in this building, one of which sounded to me like a piano. 

There were some dodgy floors which had started to deteriorate badly around the site, and there were holes in places. So we had to proceed with caution. In one of the buildings we all heard a door banging loudly from behind us while we were walking. 

We went into a 3 story building where activity has been reported by a few different groups. Calum, Ellie and Sam had not been in this building before as they found it very creepy looking.. This made us want to go in there even more. Unfortunately though, we did not feel anything in this building and got little activity on the K2 meter.

We went into the mother and baby unit, which also felt quite calm for the most part. 


We went upstairs and found a room with a mural of a Noah’s Ark scene on the wall, which somehow gave it an eerie feel to me. We didn’t get any activity upstairs, so we ventured back down and the K2 meter started going off as we went towards the conservatory, which was the way back out of the building. We stopped and put it down on the ground which was where it seemed most sensitive.  I got a sudden whiff of baby poo, like a dirty nappy, and as I mentioned it some of the others smelt it too. Lorraine heard what she thought sounded like a baby crying, and then we all heard a sound coming from further back down the corridor from where we had come. We all headed back down there but heard nothing else. 


We decided to head back towards the conservatory and we entered a small room coming off of it, which looked like it could’ve been a baby changing room. Lorraine called out and the K2 meter started flashing rapidly again, seemingly responding to Lorraine’s calls. The activity died down again, so we decided to leave the building, feeling as though something was following us around, trying to scare us. Was it the man in the doorway?

We decided to call it a night, but before we could get back to the car the heavens opened and torrential rain descended upon us. (Well, it was an English summer!) We asked Calum where the nearest building was as we were getting soaked, and they lead us to a port-a-cabin where we all huddled for shelter until the rain died down. The walk back to the car through the field of long wet grass left us drenched, but we’d had a really good night!

Thanks to Calum, Ellie and Sam for the guided tour!


In this clip we are are sat in what we believe to be the library. We were all sat on the floor and as we called out we got some K2 meter activity. It seemed that every time the K2 meter went of Helen felt cold and she was sat the closest to the K2 meter. Some of us also heard a whispering sound during this time.


Here there are a two clips together of a thud sound which we all heard while sat in the library. The first part of the clip is video footage where the sound can only just be heard. We have amplified it and replayed it so it can be heard more clearly.

The seconded part of the clip is of the same sound only from the voice recorder which we had placed out in the corridor. The sound can be hear more clearly but we have cleaned up the sound and amplified it so it is easier to hear. 



We are now stood in what we thought looked like a possible baby changing room on the ground floor next to the conservatory. We had constant K2 meter activity along with hearing other strange sounds from the area of the conservatory. 




This is an enlarged image from the photo Calum sent us. 
You can see what seems to be a figure of a large man 
stood in the doorway. 


This is the same image but lightened to enhance the
 figure stood in the doorway.




Here we have zoomed into the image and made it lighter to show the face. 

You can even see what appears to be a collar or neck line of a shirt along with facial details. 


More photos of Barrow Hospital





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