About Us


Not all of us are convinced in the paranormal, which is why we investigate. Some of us believe that there is life after death and we do live on in the spirit world. Others think that a haunting is like a moment frozen in time played over and over again. So that is why we do what we do, we just want to know.

We have been investigating for many years now and some of our investigations are just written accounts. But there are many that have video clips and E.V.P.'s documenting our findings. 

All activity we experience when we are investigating is not automatically considered as paranormal. The evidence we show on our site is how it was captured. We do not present you with any material that is in anyway falsified. There are a number of factors that we take into consideration before we conclude in our opinion that it might be paranormal. 

As a group we have still not found anything in our investigations to say that there is definite proof of the paranormal but we have certainly found many unexplained phenomena. That is why we started this website, to present you with what we have found and leave you to make up your own mind.





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